Which state is best for gender equality?

Nevada is the best state for women’s equality, followed by Hawaii and Vermont, according to personal finance site WalletHub. The states are ranked according to their scores across 17 metrics in three key dimensions: workplace environment; education and health; and political empowerment.

What is the most equal state?

States With the Most Equality

  • Vermont.
  • New Hampshire.
  • Kentucky.
  • West Virginia.
  • Arkansas.
  • Virginia.
  • Tennessee.
  • Florida.

Which is the most feminist country?

Most Feminist Countries 2021

  • Sweden. Sweden leads the pack in self-identifying feminist with 46% of the women in that country giving the nod to that description. …
  • France. France ranks directly behind Sweden with a 30% of women claiming that they are feminist. …
  • Italy. …
  • Great Britain. …
  • Australia. …
  • United States. …
  • Turkey. …
  • Denmark.

Which state is the most unequal?

New York was the state with the greatest gap between rich and poor with a Gini coefficient score of 0.51.

Gini coefficient as a measure for household income distribution inequality for U.S. states in 2019.

Characteristic Gini Coeffecient
Puerto Rico 0.55
New York 0.51

Is India safe for girls?

It’s not about safe or unsafe destinations – anything can happen anywhere. However, it’s unlikely most women traveling in India will face aggressive or hostile behavior. Staring and unwanted attention are common. … If you look at statistics, most attacks against women take place in the home.

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How many feminist are there in India?

Nobody knows quite how many of them there are. Estimates range from 270,000 to 400,000. In 2018 the Supreme Court of India struck down a law making it a crime for a man to have sex with a married woman without the permission of her husband.

Which state has the worst economic inequality?

The Gini coefficient is a measure of inequality of incomes (or sometimes wealth) across individuals.


Rank State or federal district Gini Coefficient
1 Utah 0.4063
2 Alaska 0.4081
3 New Hampshire 0.4304
4 Wyoming 0.4360

Which state has the least income inequality?

The five states with the least income inequality are:

  • Alaska (. 4174)
  • Utah (. 4261)
  • Wyoming (. 4279)
  • New Hampshire (. 4344)
  • Hawaii (. 4369)

How much does the 1% make compared to the 99%?

The top 1% make 132 times more than the bottom 99%. Average income of the top 1%: $16,161,955. Average income of the bottom 99%: $122,447.