Who was the Quaker woman who gave lectures calling for temperance peace workers rights and abolition quizlet?

Who was the Quaker woman who gave lectures calling for temperance peace workers rights?

Lucretia Mott, a Quaker, gave lectures in Philadelphia calling for temperance, peace, workers’ rights, and abolition. Mott also helped fugitive slaves and organized the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society.

Which women’s right leader is called coeducation?

Among the movement’s leaders was Susan B. Anthony. Anthony was the daughter of a Quaker abolitionist. She called for equal pay and college training for women, and coeducation (coh.

Which document was issued by the Seneca Falls Convention?

Heralded as the first women’s rights convention in the United States, it was held at the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, New York, on July 19 and 20, 1848. At that conference, activist and leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton drafted The Declaration of Sentiments, which called for women’s equality and suffrage.

Which definition best fits the word abolition?

the act of abolishing or the state of being abolished: the abolition of war;the abolition of capital punishment;the abolition of unfair taxes. the legal prohibition of slavery, especially the institutional enslavement of Black people in the U.S.

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Who were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott?

The leaders of the Seneca Falls Convention were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her friend Lucretia Mott. These two abolitionists met nearly ten years earlier at London’s World Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840.

Who did Lucretia Mott work with?

In 1866, Mott became the first president of the American Equal Rights Association. Mott joined with Stanton and Anthony in decrying the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution for granting the vote to black men but not to women.

Who was Elizabeth Cady Stanton and what did she do?

Author, lecturer, and chief philosopher of the woman’s rights and suffrage movements, Elizabeth Cady Stanton formulated the agenda for woman’s rights that guided the struggle well into the 20th century.

Was Elizabeth Blackwell an abolitionist?

(1) Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman in America to receive her medical degree. … Henry Blackwell was a well-known abolitionist and also worked for woman suffrage. Henry eventually married Lucy Stone, who played a prominent role in the women’s movement.

What inspired Elizabeth Blackwell to become a doctor?

Elizabeth, her mother, and two older sisters worked in the predominantly female profession of teaching. Blackwell was inspired to pursue medicine by a dying friend who said her ordeal would have been better had she had a female physician.

Who is the first lady doctor in the world?

In what could alter the study of medicine and break several hearts, a US researcher has claimed that the worlds first female physician and a role model for women entering medicine never existed at all. For decades, an ancient Egyptian known as Merit Ptah has been celebrated as the first woman doctor.

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Who organized the Seneca Falls Convention?

Convention organizer Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her husband Henry B. Stanton were both well-known and active abolitionists. In fact, all five women credited with organizing the Seneca Falls Convention were also active in the abolitionist movement.

Who wrote the Seneca Falls Declaration?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the principal author of the document, owned this copy of the document. Emendations by Stanton’s daughter, Harriot Stanton Blatch, are visible on the document.

Who delivered the Declaration of Sentiments?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

…the meeting Stanton introduced her Declaration of Sentiments, modeled on the Declaration of Independence,……