Where did Mary Wollstonecraft live in Ireland?

In February 1787 Wollstonecraft accompanied the Kingsboroughs to Dublin, where they lived partly at 15 Merrion Square but also with Lord Kingsborough’s father, the first earl of Kingston, at his townhouse (now 15 and 16 Henrietta Street).

Where did Mary Wollstonecraft live most of her life?

Mary became the governess in the family of Lord Kingsborough, living most of the time in Ireland. Upon her dismissal in 1787, she settled in George Street, London, determined to take up a literary career. In 1788 she became translator and literary advisor to Joseph Johnson, the publisher of radical texts.

Where did Wollstonecraft grow up?

Wollstonecraft was born in her grandfather’s house on Primrose Street, in Spitalfields, East London, close to where Liverpool Street Station is now. She was the second child of Edward Wollstonecraft, an English weaver, and Elizabeth Dickson, an Irish woman from a wine-merchant family.

What was the name of Mary Wollstonecraft’s school?

At the age of 18, having received a poor education, she left home and never went back. She became a companion to a widow in Bath for a short period, then moved back to London (first to Fulham and then to Hackney). In 1784, at the age of 24 Mary Wollstonecraft opened up her own school for girls at Newington Green.

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How old was Mary Wollstonecraft when she left home?

In 1787, aged 19, she left home to work as lady’s companion to a Mrs Dawson, in Bath. Unhappy with her situation, Mary was sustained by a dream of life alone with her beloved friend Fanny Blood, and by a strenuous piety that allowed her to believe in a blissful afterlife, to compensate for her present misery.

What country was Mary Wollstonecraft from?

Мэри Уолстонкрафт/Гражданство
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