When did the state of Wyoming allow women’s suffrage?

In the fall of 1869, lawmakers in Wyoming’s first territorial legislature passed a bill allowing women the right to vote. The governor signed the bill into law Dec. 10, 1869, making the territory the first government in the world to grant full voting rights to women.

When did Wyoming pass the women’s suffrage?

Wyoming Women’s Firsts. 1st State or Territory to Grant Universal Suffrage: In 1869, the first Wyoming Territorial Assembly passed the Women’s Suffrage Act granting women the right to vote and hold public office in the territory, putting them on equal footing with men.

When did Wyoming become the Equality State?

Though lovingly referred to as the “Cowboy State,” Wyoming’s true nickname is the “Equality State.” And for good reason. On December 10, 1869, Wyoming passed the first unconditional law in the U.S. permanently guaranteeing women their inherent right to vote and hold office.

Was Wyoming the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment?

This process is called ratification. On January 27, 1920, Wyoming voted to ratify the 19th Amendment. … In fact, Wyoming was the first territory or state in our nation’s history to grant women the right to vote. When Wyoming was still a territory, legislators passed the Wyoming Suffrage Act of 1869.

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Why did Wyoming grant women’s suffrage?

Motivated more by interest in free publicity than a commitment to gender equality, Wyoming territorial legislators pass a bill that is signed into law granting women the right to vote. Western states led the nation in approving women’s suffrage, but some of them had rather unsavory motives.

Which state passed women’s suffrage first?

Wyoming. On December 10, 1869, Territorial Governor John Allen Campbell signed an act of the Wyoming Territorial Legislature granting women the right to vote, the first U.S. state or territory to grant suffrage to women.

Why is Wyoming’s nickname Big Wyoming?

The Cowboy State – Wyoming is often referred to as the Cowboy State due to the cowboy on a bucking horse in the state symbol. … Big Wyoming – this Wyoming state nickname refers to the size of the state – Wyoming has the 10th largest area out of all 50 states.

Does Wyoming have statehood?

The House passed the bill March 27, 1890. President Benjamin Harrison signed Wyoming’s statehood bill, making Wyoming the 44th state.

What does Wyoming have to do with women’s suffrage?

A U.S. territory in 1869, Wyoming’s first territorial legislature voted to give women the right to vote and to hold public office. A legislature made entirely of men passed a woman suffrage bill in 1869. … In 1890, Wyoming became the first U.S. state allowing its woman citizens to vote.

Which state granted full women’s suffrage in 1910?

In 1910, Washington women voted for the first time. This was quickly followed in 1911 by California. In 1912, Arizona, Kansas, and the Alaska Territory all granted women suffrage. Illinois women were granted suffrage in 1913, and the next year Nevada and Montana followed.

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Why did the Western states grant suffrage first?

Territories like Wyoming wanted more white settlers, so they figured they could bring more white women out by allowing them to vote. “Long story short, if they could get white women out here, white men would be more likely to settle down,” Scharff said. She added that these laws were exclusively aimed at white women.