What steps have been taken by the government to ensure gender equality?

What are the steps taken by the government to ensure gender equality?

Support to Training and Employment Program for Women (STEP) to ensure sustainable employment and income generation for marginalised and asset-less rural and urban poor women across the country. iv. Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK) to provide micro-finance services to bring about the socio-economic upliftment of poor women.

What are the various steps taken by the government to control gender inequality?


  • Establishment of separate ministry for women and child development which is meant to improve their conditions.
  • Reservation is panchayats and many other government sectors.
  • Establishment of National women constitution for women justice and launching of various welfare programmes for improving the women status.

What are the steps has the government taken to reduce gender inequality in India?

(1)Several programs have been launched by the government to promote girls education like beti bachao beti padhao. (2) Hindi dowry laws has been implemented. (3) history laws have been made against domestic violence. (4) female infanticide and sex selective abortion have been declared illegal.

What is the role of government to bring about gender equality in the society?

The government seeks to promote equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities for men and women. … This means getting more women into work and making it possible for men and women to share work and care responsibilities more equitably.

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Who can take steps to bring gender equality?

Both constitution and society can take steps to bring gender equality.