Can you call Kamala Das a feminist poet give you view?

Can you call Kamala Das a feminist poet Give your view answer?

She regards the human body, both male and female, as a rare possession, and a gift from God. Her poems are feminine in theme and feminine in tone. She is sensitive,sensuous, and sentimental. She is intensely emotional, sometimes emotional without restraint.

Is Kamala Das is a feminist poet?

Kamala Das was one of the most prominent feminist voices in the postcolonial era. She wrote in her mother tongue Malayalam as well as in English. … On account of her extensive contribution to the poetry in our country, she earned the label ‘The Mother of Modern Indian English Poetry’.

Can Kamala Das be called as a confessional poet?

Confessional poetry is primarily written in the subjective form. … Kamala Das is primarily a confessional poet, and in this context, she may be regarded as a remarkable Indo-Anglian poet comparable to the American poets such as Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath.

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What are the salient features of Kamala Das poetry?

Kamala Das is rightly considered to be the “mother of Modern Indian English Poetry”. Her poems reflect the urge for change in society. The woman should also be given the same status as that of man. She should not be considered as belonging to someone but should have her own identity.

How does Kamala Das portray love in her poems?

Love is the main theme in the poem of Kamala Das and all other themes are related with it. She confesses everything from her marriage to extra marital affairs. She considers physical love as a step for the realization of true love. For her love is emotional-cum spiritual relationship.

What is the work of Kamala Das known for?

Perhaps her best-known work was an autobiography, which first appeared as a series of columns in the weekly Malayalanadu, then in Malayalam as Ente Katha (1973), and finally in English as My Story (1976). A shockingly intimate work, it came to be regarded as a classic.

How does Kamala Das treat the issues of language in her poem?

Here another important fact is that Das used many native (Hindi or Malayalam) words in her English poem like ‘Monson’, ‘Saree’. etc. Is is clear that Kamala Das protested against the mimetic attitude of colonized Indian. Mimicry for her is a sort of resistance through which a colonized may be equal to the colonizer.

Is Kamala Das alive?

Deceased (1934–2009)
Камала Сураия
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